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Industrial Vacuuming

The Vacuum Truck pneumatically conveys material — either solid, liquid or slurry from points near or remote. Our vacuum truck loads material into the collector body in a single mode with no adjustment for wet or dry material or when alternating between wet and dry.

In operation, the vacuum loader conveys solid or liquid material by suction lines into the debris body.

Initially the majority of the debris drops out of the airstream due to gravity and air-flow reduction through the length of the debris body.  Our Vac truck debris body features the longest distance in the industry from inlet to outlet (12 feet, 5 inches) for enhanced loading efficiency.

The airstream moves in equal amounts into seven (7) cyclone separators. At this point, the cyclones separate leftover material in the air stream. The material drops out of the cyclones and into the dump chute located directly below.

The airstream exits through the top of the cyclones and enters a duct to the bottom of the filter bag compartment. Filter bags collect any material remaining in the air stream which collects any material remaining in the airstream.

The airstream passes through the top of the filter bag compartment, travels down and passes through a final filter and vacuum pump and exits the silencer. Air returned to the atmosphere is clean and free of particulates.

Common Materials - Industrial Vacuuming

  • Lime
  • Mill Scales
  • Bi-Product
  • Fly Ash
  • Iron Slurry
  • Coke & Coal
  • Refractories
  • Wood Chips
  • Car Wash Pits
  • Man Holes
  • Catch Basins
  • Sewage
  • Asbestos
  • Insulation
  • Roof Rock
  • Mining Debris
  • Hazardous Materials


Hydro Excavating

service2.pngHydro-Excavation is a process high pressure water used to loosen soil, rocks, clay, gravel and other earth material while it is contiually "sucked up" into a debris tank for later disposal.

  • Utility Poles
  • Fence Posts
  • Sewer Flushing

"Day Lighting" is a term used to describe the uncovering and exposing of underground utilities and pipelines to daylight, hence the term daylighting. Hydrovac daylighting is used to improve project safety, increase productivity, and lower project costs.

Industrial Flushing

AiL flushes new and existing sewer and storm systems in an attempt to prevent costly interventions.  It's a safe, fast and economical way to maintain underground infrastructure.

  • Plugged Sewer Lines
  • New Construction Protocols
  • Remove Silt & Debris in Storm Lines
  • Storm System Infrastructures
  • Weeping Tiles

We carry 600’ hoses for 2” to 84” lines. Closed circuit TV inspections and video taping is available.

High Pressure Cleaning

AiL provides professional high pressure water cleaning services for a variety of residential, industrial and commercial needs.

3,000 PSI Power Wash with Mobile Hot Water Unit

  • Large & Small Equipment
  • Buildings
  • Decks
  • Flushing Weeping Tiles
  • Degreasing and Tar Removal
  • Walkways & Driveways

10,000 PSI Power Washing & Flushing

  • Mineral Deposit Removal
  • Dust Catchers
  • Gas Lines
  • Mine Sites

*Requires Fire Hydrant Water Flow

20,000 PSI Trucks

  • Water Jetting
  • Steel Cutting
  • Flushing

*Portable Unit / Trailer Mounted

High Pressure Steel Cutting

We have certified 20,000 PSI mobile units.

  • Cutting Gas Mains
  • Cutting Pipes & Tanks Containing Flammable Substances

Blower Truck

Our blower trucks are designed for the rapid transfer of air at 20,000 CFM. Quickly alters temperatures and/or ordours.


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