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Septic Services

You can be assured that Your Place, Jon! has just the right unit for your needs.

Many septic systems are out of sight & easily forgotten. Nevertheless, our actions or inactions can affect & influence how long, & how well your septic system functions.

When a septic system is not pumped out regularly, the probability that expensive or irreparable damage will occur increases dramatically.

Why you should have your septic system pumped:

  • will remove accumulated solids.
  • will help prevent the tile bed from becoming clogged.
  • will assist in preventing sewage backups.
  • will aid in preventing failure of the septic system.

How frequently your septic system should be pumped:

Ideally, your septic system should be pumped at least every 2 to 3 years. Don't wait for signs of septic system failure... it may be too late!

Consider these factors:

  • The septic tank capacity.
  • The number of occupants in the household.
  • The number of washrooms.
  • The use of high water consumption appliances.
  • Extreme weather or environmental conditions.
  • Anything that accelerates reaching capacity of the tank more quickly.


Items to never put in your septic tank.

Due to the problems they cause, none of the following items should ever be intentionally put into your septic tank:

  1. Cooking oil, fat or grease.
  2. Coffee grounds.
  3. Industrial cleaners.
  4. Paint or solvents.
  5. Paper towels.
  6. Cigarette butts.
  7. Condoms.
  8. Feminine hygiene products.
  9. Anything plastic.
  10. Expired medications, especially antibiotics.
  11. Automobile fluids.

With every visit, our Sanitation Technicians will provide a written Quality Assessment Report.

The Quality Assessment report will outline the size & condition of your tank, your baffles' condition, and pumping frequency recommendation.


Portable Toilet Rentals 


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We Service:

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  • Sporting Events
  • Family Events
  • Special Events
  • Auctions
  • Construction Sites

Outdoor Facilities

  • Standard Units
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  • Wheelchair Accessible Units
  • Construction Units
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  • Handwash Stations

Inquire today about our luxurious 12 x 8 Deluxe Portable Toilet trailer designed specifically for pampering your guests!


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