What Makes Us Different?

1. Clear Objectives

Our prven approach is productive and versatile, helping us to achieve our top three objectives:

  1. Shorten repair schedules
  2. Minimize downtime
  3. Maxmize safety

2. Cost Effective Commitment

We demonstrate the benefit of our years of hands-on experience, developing and delivering effective industrial, environmental and other services. We show that AiL customers receive cleaning solutions and quality services that reduce downtimes, lower costs and save money.

3. Credentials and Capacity

As the indisputable professional leader in industrial and environmental services for Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding areas, we can handle the scope of work for small to large projects. We have the largest capacity – including service teams, equipment/vehicles, technical maintenance and administration facilities – all located within our Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario compound. We are fully registered and certified with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment to handle various hazardous and non-hazardous materials to specified standards and regulations.

4. Expertise and Experience

We have the singular and unique status of being the owner/designer of the first industrial power truck combining vacuuming and flushing ever produced by GapVax.  Our employees are trained and certified in the safe Operation and Maintenance of GapVax Industrial Loader machines. Our experience with the equipment, which we have modified ourselves to provide industrial cleaning services, compelled the company to persuade GapVax of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, to design and manufacture a “ComboVax” truck to our specifications.

5. Industry-Leading Equipment

We provided our customers with the most elite equipment possible such as our Gapvax vacuum truck which pare equipped with 3,000 to 10, 000 PSI to get the job done faster! Our industry experience lead us to collaborate with GapVax in Johnstown, PA to create the “ComboVax” truck. This unique “ComboVax” allowed one vehicle to do the work of multiple units – thus saving time and money on sewer cleaning, dry vacuuming and hydro excavating services. We took delivery of the first of many industrial vacuuming trucks in 1995 and have been expanding our fleet of industrial cleaning vehicles ever since, in response to our customers’ needs.


Contact Us

Contact us by mail, phone or email.

Algoma Industrial Ltd.
59 Yates Avenue
Sault Ste. Marie, ON, P6C 1G1

TEL: 705 945 9388
FAX: 705 945 6256
EMAIL: ail@algomaindustrial.com